aplpy.rgb.make_rgb_cube(files, output, north=False, system=None, equinox=None)[source]

Make an RGB data cube from a list of three FITS images.

This method can read in three FITS files with different projections/sizes/resolutions and uses Montage to reproject them all to the same projection.

Two files are produced by this function. The first is a three-dimensional FITS cube with a filename give by output, where the third dimension contains the different channels. The second is a two-dimensional FITS image with a filename given by output with a _2d suffix. This file contains the mean of the different channels, and is required as input to FITSFigure if show_rgb is subsequently used to show a color image generated from the FITS cube (to provide the correct WCS information to FITSFigure).

Parameters :

files : tuple or list

A list of the filenames of three FITS filename to reproject. The order is red, green, blue.

output : str

The filename of the output RGB FITS cube.

north : bool, optional

By default, the FITS header generated by Montage represents the best fit to the images, often resulting in a slight rotation. If you want north to be straight up in your final mosaic, you should use this option.

system : str, optional

Specifies the system for the header (default is EQUJ). Possible values are: EQUJ EQUB ECLJ ECLB GAL SGAL

equinox : str, optional

If a coordinate system is specified, the equinox can also be given in the form YYYY. Default is J2000.

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